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The topic-related scope of the medical material sector is very wide. Dressings, cannulae, tapes, syringes, bags represent just a small snapshot of what is included in tender procedures. All these items are either disposable or fast-wearing, thus the number of announced tender notices is huge. Additionally, what matters is that tender procedures include few, several or several dozen parts. It takes a lot of time to verify such an amount of information.

An average monthly number of calls for tenders announced in healthcare sector – medical materials in 2020 reached 1 277, while over 3000 notices on procurement parts award were published.

To browse through the published tender procedures or procurement award notices from one day only, takes sometimes several hours. Fast searching – by terms, often fails. The information thus obtained may be incomplete, because the articles that we search for were not included in the description of the contract’s subject-matter.

In response to client needs, we have developed a service of preparing entirely personalised reports. We prepare summaries, taking into account only the guidelines defined by our client. They save time and are helpful in compiling market or competitor operations’ analyses.


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