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Public Procurement Market Analysis

Today’s world of business is extremely competitive, while the company’s success depends on how effective we are compared to our competitors. Each day, entrepreneurs have to cope with a number of decisions, often based on the information from the market and their in-depth analysis. Speed and precision are the two indicators that steer their actions.

Considering the market dynamics, we have prepared for you a solution which will effectively streamline your work and will be, at the same time, the source of credible and verified information. A compendium of knowledge on the demand and supplies of a specific product (a drug, medical equipment or medical devices), information on the market structure, competitor analysis as well as their sales strategies represent a valued tool developed on the basis of a credible evaluation of the public procurement sector. 


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    Why is public procurement market analysis important/required?

    The detailed data included in it, will allow for a thorough, multi-faceted evaluation of a selected healthcare market area, providing support for business decision-making related to offer building and expanding.

    The summary will provide you the knowledge regarding:

    • the characteristics of public procurement market in healthcare sector,
    • the segmentation of medical facilities using the given assortment,
    • competitor analysis

    Public procurement market analysis is a summary of market data on competitors’ activities. It will include the information on the tender procedures in which your competitors took part, what prices decided that their quotation was selected, which entities issued an invitation to tender for a given assortment and what was the exact demand for it. The reports provide a detailed level of insight into the prices quoted by the competitors as well as public procurement market trends. This is just an overview of the information, as each market evaluation is prepared with your needs and requirements in mind.

     Thanks to the summary, you may identify:

    • key clients,
    • key competitors,
    • purchase needs and preferences,
    • public procurement market trends.

    Our reports will also help you prepare an analysis of the activities run by your sales teams and the teams responsible for preparing and submitting quotations. You will get a comprehensive overview of the effectiveness and efficiency of the persons working in them.

    When you need to make quick decisions, the data obtained from our reports are crucial – we suggest you to contact us – we will certainly find a solution.

    Case study


    We prepared the analysis of products and competition on the public procurement market for our Customer from the medical sector. The inquiry referred to the field connected with blood collection systems.
    Upon having specified the thematic scope within the Customer’s interest, upon having determined the names under which its products are presented in tenders and the timeframes of the analysis, we commenced our works.
    As a result, the Customer received a detailed report covering not only the names of the products being ordered, but also their quantities, a manner of placing them in packages which form a part of tender procedures.

    The report also includes medical facilities announcing tenders and procurement contractors.
    Such a report constitutes an excellent base for, among other things, preparing a summary consisting of the following:

    – funds allocated to the fulfilment of procurement in a given period,
    – the quantity of the products ordered,
    – the timeframes of the contracts signed (the term of the contracts signed),
    – a demand for a product in the respective regions of Poland,
    – cancelled procedures,
    – comparison to competition both in the offer and price scope,
    – market values.

    The above mentioned possibilities do not exhaust the manners of using our summaries in everyday work since they are often driven by Customer’s needs and the specificity of its market.
    You can make use of our knowledge, experience and skills concerning the preparation of personalised analyses.


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